Today is the day

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.Mother Teresa


Sometimes you have one of those days when you let all the little worries of life stop you from seeing the big picture. You stop realizing that our life here on Earth is finite, that you cannot rewind, you only get one single chance at making the best of each and every moment.
With our human intelligence comes also the burden of letting small things cloud our thoughts and sometimes making ourselves miserable instead of stepping back, taking a deep breath and shifting focus.

When I feel pressured, stressed or sad for any reason, one of the things that helps me bounce back up is always spending time watching animals, be it our pet, or the birds outside, or even some crazy squirrel on YouTube or what have you. The lovely creatures that share this world with us are blessed to live life to the fullest “by default” as they don’t know otherwise. If you look at the photo in the post, the excitement in that puppies’ eyes, its like its Christmas day 24/7 🙂
I guess to some degree our early childhood is also rather carefree and worry-free, although sadly there are so many children in the world not being so fortunate.

What are your tricks to escape the mundane?

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